PLEASE TAKE NOTICE the following ordinances were introduced and passed on first reading at the March 27, 2017 meeting of the Mayor and Borough Council and will be considered for second reading and final passage during the meeting scheduled to begin at 8:00 p.m. on April 10, 2017 in the Municipal Building, located at 555 Brighton Avenue, Spring Lake Heights, at which time and place any person desiring to comment on this ordinance will be given the opportunity to be heard.  A copy of the ordinance is available in the clerk’s office.

Janine Gillis, Borough Clerk

Ordinance No. 2017-01 Exceed the Municipal Allpropriations Limits & to Establish a Cap Bank

Ordinance No. 2017-02 Amending Chapter 22-Land Use_Revision to B-3

Notice of Contract Award

A contract has been authorized in accordance with the submittal proposal for this Professional Service in accordance with the alternate procedures authorized by the New Jersey Local Unit Pay-to-Play Law, N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.4, et seq.;

Cleary, Giacobbe,Alfieri,Jacobs, LLC

Legal Services - Tax Appeals

$155/hr. max.; Not to exceed $2,500


                                                                       BOROUGH OF SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that contracts for the following professional and other services have been awarded in accordance with the New Jersey Local Public Contracts Law (N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1, et seq.) and the “Fair and Open” or alternative procedures of the New Jersey Local Unit Pay-to-Play Law (N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.4) for the calendar year 2017:



Gary McLean, Esq.

Davison, Eastman & Munoz, P.A.

Legal Services - Borough Attorney

$155/hr. max.; Not to exceed $50,000

Tracy Armstrong, Esq.

Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A,

Legal Service - Labor Counsel

$165/hr. max.; Not to exceed $10,000

Frederick Raffetto, Esq.

Ansell, Grimm & Aaron, P.C.

Legal Services - Tax Appeals

$155/hr. max.; Not to exceed $12,000

Suplee, Clooney & Company

Audit Services

Not to exceed $24,950

PM Consultants, LLC

Financial & Accounting Services

$105/hr. max.; Not to exceed $95,000

The contracts and the authorizing resolutions are on file and available for public review in the office of the Borough Clerk located at 555 Brighton Avenue, Spring Lake Heights, N.J.

Janine Gillis, Borough Clerk


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