Borough of Spring Lake Heights Code

Ordinances awaiting codification:

Ord. 2015-04 Salaries & Wages for 2015 w/Resolution 2015-116

Ord. 2015-05 Salary & Wage as per Collective Bargaining Agreement

Ord. 2015-07 Amending & Supplementing Section 7-6.3 Yield Intersections

Ord. 2015-08 Amending Chapter XXII-Municipal Land Use, Residential Building Height in Flood Zone

Ord. 2015-09 Special Emergency Appropriation for Codification

Ord. 2015-10 Amending & Supplementing Section 7-12 Handicap Parking


2016 Ordinances:

 Ord. 2016-01 Exceed Municipal Appropriation and Establish Cap Bank

Ord .2016-02 Entitled "Fees"-Recreation Facilities

Ord. 2016-03 Capital 77K Purchase Utility Vehicle

Ord. 2016-04 Flood Damage Prevention

Ord. 2016-05 Amending Parking Restrictions

Ord. 2016-06 Salary & Wage for 2016 w/ Resolution No. 2016-139

Ord. 2016-07 Authorizing a Lease with Spring Lake Heights Athletic Assoc.

Ord. 2016-08 Amending Section 7-3.3 Parking Prohibited at All Times & Section 7-11B Mid-Block Crosswalks

Ord. 2016-09 Authorizing 3rd Party Payroll Disbursement

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